How deep are the posts set?
To avoid Posts from leaning over time Five Star Fence sets all steel posts 30" - 36" deep in concrete.
How far apart are the posts set?
Fences will sag and lean if the distance between posts is too large; to avoid this Five Star Fence sets all posts 6' apart.
What grade of pickets is used?
Low-grade #2 Cedar/Spruce have knots that will fall out and become knotholes. Five Star Fence only uses #1 Grade/Clear cedar or #1 Grade spruce.
What size rails are being installed?
To maximize and durability Five Star Fence only uses 2x4 Heavy-Duty rails rather than 2x3. 2x4 Heavy Duty rails will last 3 times as long.
What size posts are being installed?
Five Star Fence uses only .095 heavy strength steel posts rather than .065 and .080 posts commonly used by other fence companies.
Do you require a down payment?
Five Star Fence requires no money before we begin work on your new fence, deck, or arbor.
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