Galvanized 2-3/8" x .095 heavy steel
WAPO brackets with 1.5" lag screws
Post set approximately 36" deep in concrete
Post set approximately 6' apart
Concrete mixed before it is placed into the hole

(Wood posts available, but not recommended because wood posts eventually split, warp, twist, and rot.)

#1 grade cedar, or clear upon request
Available in 1"x 4" or 1"x 6" flat top, dog ear, or gothic. No difference in price for size or style.
#1 spruce available (economical, but not recommended)

Galvanized nails.
For maximum strength, six nails for each picket on 6' tall fences
For maximum strength, eight nails for each picket on 8' tall fences

2" x 4" Cedar (standard or better grade)
2" x 4" Treated (long-lasting, costs less than cedar)
2" x 3" Available but not recommended

Provides privacy and security, but wood shrinks, leaving cracks. Some visibility through fence.

Total privacy fence. No cracks from wood shrinkage.
Pickets overlapped approximately 1-1/4" on each side of picket.

Gates are double posts for extra strength.
Standard width is 36" (Larger widths available upon request).
8' fences include 4 hinges on gates.
6' fences include 3 hinges on gates.

A 1" x 2" or 1" x 4" picket on the face of the fence to provide a finished top.

A 2" x 6" pressure treated board set directly on the ground.
Raises the pickets off the ground 3"-4" to help prevent rot and damage to the bottom of the pickets.

A 2" x 6" or 2" x 8" cedar board on top of the fence.
Adds strength to fence and gives a nice framed finished look to the top of the fence.

Available pre-dipped before construction of fence or applied after construction of fence.

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